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March 4th, 2004

01:48 pm
Meetings and such.

Right. So Lily dragged me to some meeting last night. Don't ask what it was about, I'll not tell. Couldn't be because I don't remember because I was more wrapped up in looking elsewhere? Besides, there were other people at this meeting besides me. Not that anyone would ask anyway. And I think I'm done rambling about this.

Though I guess that there is a meeting next week that Lily was just insisting I go to. More meetings. Joys. She says not to think of them as educational deals. But really, that's all they are. Educational pish posh that is supposed to better us or something. Who knows. No, don't answer that. If you do know, I don't want to.

But other then that, classes, homework and Quidditch practice, I haven't been up to that much. Terribly shocking, no? It's not normal. Not normal at all. I'm normally so very busy. It's rather disconcerting to go from that to being bored out of one's mind. Oh, and not to mention annoying as well.

Perhaps I'll go wander around until I find something worthwhile to do... Sounds like a mighty fine plan to me.